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The Laptop Lunchbox System - An American Bento

Laptop Lunchbox

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The latest rave in lunch boxes is these bento-style lunch boxes out in the market today.  We all know that bento boxes are made famous by the Japanese.  These were eating utensils wherein each dish is separated by the built-in walls of the box.  This concept was also applied on the Laptop lunch boxes which were designed to provide organized packing of meals and snacks by having inner containers in different sizes and a space for your spoon, fork, and knife.  It is also designed to make it easier to carry so you could take it anywhere.  The great thing about these laptop lunch boxes is that it is totally reusable.  So you help the environment by avoiding plastic bags and styro containers when bringing your meal or snack.  These are recyclable as well and are safe to put in the dishwasher. 

The Bentology lunch box has inner containers which can be easily removed.  These containers come in different sizes to accommodate any type or size of food.  The removable containers are placed in a laptop style box which also serves as a tray when opened.  Each of the containers within the box comes with its own lid to keep food from mixing or spilling onto other items in the box.  Thus, you can travel without worries.  Because it all fits inside the box, it makes eating more organized.  You do not have to worry about mess because the box itself will serve as the table mat and tray.  Aside from the containers, the laptop lunch box also comes with a washable plastic spoon and fork.  This lunch box is so ideal for travel because it is small enough to fit in backpacks but big enough to accommodate a whole meal.

It is a joy, not only to kids, but also to moms to have such and organized but fun way of packing lunch for school.  Moms can segregate different food items easily.  They can put some fruits in one container and some cookies or nuts in another.  You can easily separate dry food from those with soup.  You can pack an appetizer, a snack, a dessert, and more.  Kids will surely enjoy eating, even their vegetables, with such an interesting laptop lunch box.

Adults who work in offices will also find this laptop lunch box beneficial.  It is fun enough to eat from but not too fancy to make you look like a grade school kid lost in a corporate building.  You can easily bring it with you without having to worry about spilling any of the food inside on your office clothes or any or your documents and paperwork.  It is also great for business travels because it keeps food safe and fresh during traveling.  You are assured that your food will stay in good shape until you are ready to eat it.  With the laptop lunch boxes, you can easily avoid mess while eating.  You can also have all your food prepared in an organized manner.  Plus, you get to have fun while eating your food with the variety of colors and designs that these lunch boxes come with. 

This is my favorite bento box for kids. It is simple in design, attractive, easy to clean, and it has compartments to keep the food separate and lids so you can include runny and non-solid foods. The bento tray fits in a closeable box, and the box can be carried on its own or put in a laptop lunchbox carrying bag. It also comes with utensils and a water bottle.

Not only does it help me to provide healthy, varied lunches for my kids, it helps me cut down on waste by eliminating the need for plastic utensils, plastic baggies, and plastic wrap.

I love the black and red style above for adult use too!

There is the original style that you see above and there is a 2.0 style that looks a bit different in style.

Laptop Lunchbox 2.0

Another feature of the Laptop Lunchbox 2.0 is that you can utilize different inside compartments. For instance if you want to fir something larger inside and would prefer one big box instead of the two smaller ones you can do that with Bento Buddies. See below... pretty nifty eh?

Laptop Lunch B630 Bento System 2.0, Blue/Lime Alien

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Bento Buddies

Bento Buddies 2.0 X-Large, Large, Medium and Small Dip Lidded Containers, Set of 4

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My kids (now 4, 6, and 9) have all been using their Laptop Lunchboxes for a couple years. My boys both have the classic primary colors and my daughter has the pink. The elder two use them for school lunches and are the envy of their classmates. They all use them on road trips and day trips to the zoo, the waterpark, and the playground. They are perfect for any lunch away from home!

We have tried many different bento boxes but the Laptop Lunchbox is one we never stray from for very long.

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